Add The Best Shemale Snapchat Usernames

Social media, especially Snapchat is still a growing trend in the adult shemale film industry all over the world, with more performers creating accounts every day to quickly publish and get as much eyes as possible on their latest and greatest content.

Over the years, since Snapchat was released to the public, the app has became the number one app for posting, sharing adult content, and sexting with each other, from professional shemale pornstars, all the way to the amateur ladyboys just starting out.

Most people like the snap platform because of how quickly and easy someone can make content and get it out to thousands of eagerly waiting viewers and fans.

With very little restrictions and rules preventing trannies from posting nude content, this app is a goldmine for those type of creators.

Shemale Taking A Selfie For Snapchat

Where Can I Find Shemales To Add On Snapchat

The hardest part about Snapchat, as a viewer, is finding these beautiful transsexuals usernames and where to add them, as there is not really a good discoverability mode within the app itself.

This is where comes into play, and why we are a favourite in supplying these usernames.

We check for new usernames every day and upload them instantly for our viewers and subscribes to add with ease.

Not only do we supply the snapcodes of these tgirl goddesses for you to simply screenshot and add directly on your phone, we also provide a description and some content of the shemale you are about to add.

Once you have decided if you are going to add the user that you are currently viewing, you simply take a screenshot of the snapcode, open the app and click “add snapcode”.

Its as simple as that.

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Which Shemales Should I Add First on Snap?

This question boils down to what the user is looking for, everyones tastes differ from one person to another.

You may be searching for a nice petite amateur Asian ladyboy to add, and someone else might be wanting to add an Ebony shemale pornstar.

Its all down to preference.

That being said, here at we want to make it easy for our viewers and we pride ourselves in supplying the best snapcodes.

Below is our personal list of 5 of the most added shemales on Snapchat within the adult industry:

    • Chanel Santini – Chanel has been an all time favourite when it comes to TS pornstars, she has won a number of awards for her performances and is voted in the top 10 of most shemale pornstar categories. You can start by adding Santini here
    • Emma Rose – Another perfect trans in the adult industry is the blonde cute goddess Emma Rose. This shemale has done everything there is to do in the industry with no signs of slowing down.
    • Natalie Mars – Now, this shemale super star is one for all the fetish and BDSM lovers out there. Natalie has starred in some of the craziest scenes there is, taking on the dominatrix role is what her fans love to see the most.
    • Daisy Taylor – Daisy is a transsexual pornstar that took the adult industry by storm due to her cute, young and woman-like looks. By watching her content you can see that there is not much that this super star is not willing to do.
    •  Aubrey Kate – Award winning shemale pornstar Aubrey Kate is for sure on every trans lovers Snapchat story. This babe loves posting and sexting with her fans and followers, keeping them begging for more.

Shemale Snapchat Usernames

Trade Nudes and Sext With Trans

The great thing about Snapchat is that most of the users that have an account and want people to see their content, have their settings set to public, this means you do not even have to wait for them to accept you as a friend, you can start viewing their stories as soon as they have been added.

There are also many shemales, especially amateurs or those that are new on the app, that will accept you back as a friend and interact with you one on one.

This is great for when you want to get to know the trannie better and have exclusive content sent to you directly, for your eyes only.

However, just note that many of the tranny pornstars will not see or even open your messages/sext pictures.

But there is no harm in putting yourself out there and sending something to see if they reply (just dont spam them).

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Why Should You Even Add Shemales On Snapchat?

Now, we know that shemales, transsexuals and ladyboys are not for everyone, but there is certainly people out there that do have a fetish for these type of girls (even if they say they dont)

Lets face it, with a beautiful transgender girl, you get the best of both worlds, and thats something that many guys are looking for.

Shemales love to look as much like a female as possible, so you will always see them going the extra mile to make themselves look sexy and cute for their viewers.

They even adore the attention that men will give them, they love feeling wanted and that makes them feel more like a female